Purva & Dhawal - Punjabi wedding in Lucknow - Ujjwal Vanvari | Candid Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Purva & Dhawal     |     Madness of a Punjabi shaadi!


Purva and Dhawal's is one wedding that can be labeled as one of the most fun Punjabi weddings I have shot.
Their wedding festivities lasted for over two days, starting with a afternoon Mehandi and Sangeet with lots of fun, and dance, proving their punjabiness to a point. Colorful decor and a gorgeous set up topping it all for a enthusiastic photographer like me.

The day continues into an evening engagement with lots of non-stop booze and dancing by families on both the sides.

The following morning again, was Purva's chooda and Dhawal's Haldi drifting into an intimate Punjabi wedding of this neighbor couple. In the pictures can be spotted Sanchita, probably one of my first few brides who referred to me to this cute couple.

Hoping to enchant you with this wedding, shot again in Lucknow, like the last blog post.

Thank you :)

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